27 March 2012

Vinto Pizzeria

My wife's birthday called for a celebration. I sent an email to her late in the afternoon to see if she wanted to try a new restaurant. She was more willing than I expected, so I was excited to make the trip to the SLC and try Vinto Pizzeria on a recommendation.
We arrived at about 8 pm and were seated almost immediately. The decor was nice. I won't elaborate other than to say I liked the intimacy of the restaurant. We were seated at the end of a wall bench with a table and chair (think booth on one side shared with the table next to us and a chair on the other side).
Our server was equipped with the latest in wireless ordering. We both ordered Italian Soda. I had a peach, while my wife had a coconut flavored one. Mine was forgettable, and I would steal sips of hers while she wasn't paying attention. We both hadn't eaten that day, so my wife asked if they could make a flatbread, and the server said he could alter the menu and make a simple parmesan cheese or herb flatbread. We ordered the parmesan cheese and the meatball appetizer to start. The meatballs were slightly spicy, but I daresay it was one of the best I've eaten. The sauce was a very well flavored tomato sauce with fresh herbs that we quickly mopped up with our remaining flatbread. So far so good.
I had been in the mood for wood fired pizza, so my entree choice was simple. I had Pepperoni and she ordered a Margherita. The pepperoni on mine was slightly warm with spice and I increased that with the crushed red pepper provided. The crust was decent. Not bad not great. However, I enjoyed my pizza and wanted to taste hers for comparison. Her fresh basil was a nice change of pace from my spicy pizza. The herb flavor was excellent. We boxed the remainder of hers to go and ordered a small dessert.

The in house Gelato sounded good, but the dark chocolate only come in a 'water-based' version and not a true Gelato. I was tempted to get a Cannoli gelato, but opted instead for a Ginger. It was definitely unlike any other ice cream I've had, but both she and I liked how it refreshed after our meal and it was a good ending to a satisfying meal.
I'll keep this on my list of restaurants to go back to after I'm done trying those I haven't been to yet.
Let's try a rating system out of 10:
I'd say this was a 7

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